Pet Health Exam



Pet Health Exam

By David Horan


This infoVet™ App teaches you how to assess the basic health of any pet particularly your pet dog or cat.

You will learn about basic equipment needed to carefully assess the health of your pet. This is particularly suitable for veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians, animal technicians, animal care workers, animal house workers, pet shop workers, kennel and cattery hands as well as any pet owners.

You will also learn how to accurately assess or measure the 10 basic cardinal vital signs: Heart Rate (HR), Pulse Rate (PR), Respiratory Rate (RR), Mucous Membrane Color (MM), Capillary Refill Time (CRT), Skin Return, Body Temp (ToC), Body Condition Score (BCS), Weighing your pet, BARDUDE.

We have developed a revolutionary close-up view “Macro-View” to show in detail and expanded view the important points you need to make note of and to help your understanding.

We have included special exercises to ensure that you can accurately and repeatedly assess the heart and respiratory rates of your patients.

Included is a worksheet to ensure that your knowledge is reinforced.

This version is designed specifically for iPad iPhone and iPod.

We welcome Education and Bulk sales and enquiries.

PHE Screenshots

Chapters include:

1. HR – Heart Rate
1Ex. Exercise: Test yourself – HR
2. PR – Pulse Rate
3. RR – Respiratory Rate
3Ex. Exercise: Test yourself – RR
4. MM – Mucous Membrane Color
5. CRT – Capillary Refill Time
6. Hysdration Status
7. Temp – Core Body Temperature
8. BCS – Body Condition Score
9. How to weigh your pet
10. B-A-R-D-U-D-E

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