About Us

We design and build industry leading Apps mainly for the Veterinary and Animal Care industries. These have application for Staff Training and Client EducationClick for out Video

These are made available for ALL platforms – including  Apple iOS,  Android devices and of course our own infoVet WebApp platform.

infoVet KnowledgeBase WebApp Click to see the WebApp details

Here is a schematic of the set up for the infoVet KnowledgeBase WebApp which can be tailored to your company or organisation’s individual requirements.

We even have an inshore KIOSK version for applications such as retail stores, pet stores etc.


Here is an example of an App and how it works: Click for Pet Health Exam

PetHealthExamPlan copy 2

These are just some of the latest Apps available: click to see Apps

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About Our Team

Dr David Horan is uniquely qualified in that he is a veterinarian and educator with 30 years of practical experience in the Veterinary industry as well ad 40 years teaching experience in all levels from junior high school to university. He recently retired after a 25 year career teaching and  lecturing to Veterinary nurses, technicians and animal science students. Click to view  linked’in profile

It is this unique blend of skills and experience including clinical veterinary work, education and technical IT and video work that has kept infoVet at the top of the field.